5 sales process templates for building out your pipeline

Tighten up your pipeline with custom stages and criteria requirements.

By Liz Bauer

Published December 4, 2020
Last updated September 21, 2021

You’ve set up pipeline stages in your sales CRM. Every rep on your team moves their leads through the same series of steps when managing their deals. So why are unqualified leads ending up in the discovery stage of your sales process? Why aren't sales hitting their projected numbers?

Most likely, it’s because you haven’t established clear criteria for moving leads from one stage to the next. With a sales CRM like Zendesk Sell, you can assign fields to each stage of the sales process. That way, reps can’t move a lead to the “qualified” or “quote” stage until they’ve filled out the required fields.

We’ve created a downloadable resource of five unique sales process templates to help you get started. Read on to learn more and download the templates. 

5 sales process templates (free download)

Because the sales process isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution, we’re not going to give you a one-size-fits-all sales process template.

Sales process templates preview

For example, high-velocity B2B companies have shorter sales cycles than low-velocity enterprises. As a result, their pipeline will likely have fewer stages than their enterprise counterpart.

Your criteria for moving leads from one stage to the next will also depend on the sales methodologies you use. A sales team that uses the MEDDIC methodology, for example, as their pipeline stage criteria.

Our free, downloadable sales process template consists of five unique pipeline models you can use to customize your sales CRM.

We’ll cover:

  • High-velocity B2B: For quick turnover rates over short sales cycles.
  • Low- velocity enterprise: For large deals that require multiple steps (e.g., legal review)
  • The Challenger methodology: Based on the popular book by Matthew Dixon and Brent Adamson.
  • The Sandler methodology: Based on the 49-rule questioning methodology
  • MEDDIC: Based on a checklist of six deal components, popularized in the 1990s

Each sales process template can be used as a framework for building your own customized pipeline in Zendesk Sell. For each template, we also list suggested criteria for moving leads through each stage of the pipeline. You can input these criteria as “required fields” in your Zendesk Sell account. Reps will need to fill out these fields before moving leads from one stage to the next.

For more information on how to create pipelines and custom fields in Zendesk Sell, see our knowledge base resource here.

Download sales process templates