Community Tip: 3 ways to get the most out of Zendesk’s Pathfinder app

By James Baldwin

Published April 26, 2016
Last modified April 26, 2016

We’ve been a Zendesk customer since 2010 and started using the Pathfinder app roughly a month ago. Since then, has found Pathfinder to be incredibly useful helping us learn what our users have searched for prior to contacting our organization. This extra context enables our agents to respond more efficiently and custom-tailor responses back to the user. For example, if we see that a user has no activity, we can confidently point them to help articles that would be useful, but if they've already seen those articles, the agent can point them to a different place or ask if there is information that could be clarified. It also helps us improve our self-service support by giving us insight into which knowledge base articles need to be updated.

Here are three key tips we’ve learned that helped us gain the most value out of the Pathfinder app:

  1. App placement is key
  2. Use Pathfinder to help strengthen your knowledge base
  3. Coach your team to review the Pathfinder app before responding

Zendesk’s Pathfinder app helps take your customer service to a new level. By gaining more insight into your users before responding to them, your customers will be happier than ever before and your knowledge base will be better equipped. It’s a win-win for everyone involved!

See more details in the forums on how to best use Pathfinder

This community tip is from James Baldwin is Sr. Manager of User Advocacy, at

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