Globe-trotting: Zendesk Voice raises the bar for phone support

Published November 18, 2014
Last modified November 18, 2014

Editor's Note: Zendesk Voice is now Zendesk Talk. Learn more about local and toll free numbers supported by Zendesk Talk.

Customer service technology has undergone some pretty major changes in the past decade. Text-based communications—like email, chat, and social media—have evolved radically, and self-service options are becoming increasingly prevalent. Despite these advancements, a more traditional channel remains the number-one choice for many customers: the phone.

Don’t hang up the phone
Many customers still prefer communicating support issues verbally. According to a 2014 Contact Babel report, approximately 70% of inbound interactions are conducted via telephone with a live agent. Even when the customer’s first interaction with a business is through another channel, if their request is left unanswered, the majority of people will pick up the phone to follow up.

Although it may not be your first choice as a business, it’s important to note that phone support has the highest CSAT rating across all channels. If you care about improving the customer experience, you should be offering phone support.

Think of phone-based support as an opportunity to actively engage with your customers on a human level. It assures customers that your business is committed to providing immediate, real-time assistance and increases consumer confidence when it comes to purchasing your goods or services.

Better service starts with a dial tone
Providing phone-based support might seem like an expensive, ineffective endeavor, but it doesn’t have to be. The flexibility of the Zendesk platform allows you to build a call center on your terms—choose between using our native Voice product, a solution by your preferred telephony partner, or our voice API to create your own telephony integrations. Zendesk not only makes implementing voice support beautifully simple but it also supplies your team with important information, including call transcriptions, usage reports, and contextual information about your customers.

For businesses that already use phone support, Zendesk can help solve challenges you might not have known existed. During our Illuminate event in New York City, Milton Pappas from Nine West explained how the company used Zendesk to reduce their email response time, resulting in a decline in the number of phone calls. While decreasing email response time and phone calls is a great success, the fact that the decrease of one led to that of another is troubling. This means customers were most likely contacting the business multiple times through multiple routes, and without a unified platform to manage channels, you risk getting bogged down—and bogging your customers down—with redundant requests.

With Zendesk, you can provide seamless customer service by using a single platform to monitor and aggregate data from all your channels—voice included. Managing the contact history for multiple channels is important not only for creating a better experience for the customer, but also helps reduce agent inefficiency and unnecessary costs within your organization. By putting essential information at your agents’ fingertips, Zendesk helps you serve your customers faster and more effectively than ever before.

The new and improved Zendesk Voice
Zendesk Voice, built upon the Twilio platform, is now available in 39 countries. Leveraging Twilio’s global network of data centers, calls are delivered quickly and clearly. You can launch a call center in minutes by using built-in functionality that allows agents to make and receive calls from within the browser, or forward calls to another line. By bringing customer information, contact history and internal knowledge bases right into the agent desktop, providing phone support has never been easier.

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