How Tango benefited from hiring a remote customer service team

By Brenda Do

Published April 11, 2016
Last modified April 11, 2016

Every company dreams of exponential growth. But that boom often creates the challenge of scaling your customer service team as well. When Tango, a leading mobile messaging app, experienced a high-growth period, they were adding hundreds of thousands of new customers daily. They needed to quickly expand their customer service department, but the solution had to fit their budget, be efficient, and scalable. After considering the benefits of hiring a remote support team, they decided to give it a try.

By combining two cloud-based platforms, Tango quickly got their remote team up and running. To start, Tango implemented Zendesk Support to help offer personalized customer support from anywhere in the world and used Upwork™, a worldwide marketplace of freelance professionals, to access a scalable source of multilingual talent.

The anticipated benefits of this solution, as it turns out, were real. In the end, here’s how Tango benefited from using freelance support professionals:

1. Huge cost savings
Tango is located in San Francisco where competition for top talent is high. By hiring outside of their locale, they were able to secure experienced agents at a much lower cost. And since agents work from their own location, they don’t eat up valuable real estate in a physical office.

2. Improved customer service
Tango hired an additional 10 agents, located in different countries. With agents in different time zones, the company was able to provide 24/7 support, seemingly overnight.

3. Faster response times
Because the freelancers were already experienced with Support, they were able to hit the ground running, with a significantly shorter ramp-up time. Before long, ticket response times improved by over 67 percent, and every customer received a same-day response.

4. Scalable talent source
Upwork provides instant access to over 20,000 multilingual support professionals, many of whom are experienced with Support. By sourcing and hiring through the Upwork platform, Tango added the talent they needed within days, compared to the traditional four to six weeks using other sources. With a reliable talent source at their fingertips, Tango continued offering high levels of support as they expanded their customer base to more than 200 countries.

“The combination of Zendesk Support and Upwork is extremely efficient,” said Eric Setton, Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder of Tango. “It allows us to appear as an even bigger company than we are today and to provide really excellent service in terms of turnaround time and the quality of the responses.”

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Read Tango’s full customer story, and see how fast and easy it is to build your own remote customer service team.

Brenda Do is a content writer for Upwork’s Hiring Headquarters. She is a direct-response copywriter and president of BL Copywriting, LLC.