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Elevate the quality of your customer support with Voice QA and QA for AI agents

Introducing our latest advancement in Zendesk's AI-powered QA solutions: Voice QA and QA for AI agents, ensuring unparalleled consistency across 100 percent of your support channels.

Por Lilia Krauser, Staff Writer

Última actualización en July 10, 2024

Zendesk QA has proven to be a powerful tool for helping support teams detect and resolve quality assurance (QA) issues for messaging and email channels handled by human agents. Today, we’re announcing a significant advancement in our AI-powered QA solutions with the launch of Voice QA and QA for AI agents, allowing you to ensure consistency at every single touch point.

Our AI-powered Voice QA leverages speech-to-text capabilities to improve the speed and coverage of your voice interactions, while our AI-powered QA for AI agents evaluates and reports on the quality of your AI agent conversations. AI agents were released in April as the next evolution of Zendesk bots and are designed to resolve your customers’ issues, whether simple or complex.

With this enhancement, Zendesk QA can cover 100 percent of your support tickets on all channels—including AI agents and voice—providing consistency across mediums. As a result, you can standardize your QA processes, save time, and optimize your resources more effectively. And of course, these features are automatically combined with Spotlight, which helps you identify areas of improvement in your customer interactions.

Continue reading to discover how these new QA features can help elevate your service operations and foster customer loyalty.

Boost call review efficiency with Voice QA

Ensuring quality assurance across voice channels can be a time-consuming affair that often requires listening to full call recordings. This makes it challenging to find insightful interactions, as it limits visibility into problem areas.

Our AI-powered Voice QA simplifies the process of evaluating voice conversations by summarizing calls and transcriptions automatically. This speeds up the quality assurance process, increases coverage, and surfaces the most important interactions to review.

Voice QA automatically provides sentiment analysis and translates transcripts into English. This enables your review team to effectively assess conversations—regardless of the language—allowing for increased coverage. Additionally, Spotlight automatically analyzes 100 percent of your Voice QA conversations and detects:

  • Churn risk: identifies conversations with potential attrition risk, allowing you to take proactive steps for customer retention
  • Dead air: detects pauses or delays in responses, helping you address training and coaching needs for specific agents
  • Outliers: spots unusual conversations based on statistical models, highlighting issues that require attention
  • Missing call recording disclosure: checks if the recording disclosure was mentioned, providing crucial insights into compliance

Use QA to ensure high-quality customer interactions with AI agents

Evaluating AI agent interactions is often a complex task, requiring QA managers to review interaction flows and user feedback to identify gaps and areas for improvement. Given the high volume of interactions and diverse scenarios AI agents manage, QA managers spend a significant amount of time on this process, which prevents them from focusing on higher-value tasks.

With AI-powered AutoQA for AI agents, you can automate the evaluation process, analyzing and scoring 100 percent of your AI agent interactions. This allows you to identify significant conversations and potential issues proactively. With our AI-powered capabilities, you can also scale your QA processes for AI agents by 50x. Meanwhile, AutoQA evaluations and analysis help pinpoint interactions needing human review, ensuring that AI agents consistently deliver excellent customer experiences.

Sentiment can also be detected in AI agent interactions by identifying escalated conversations where an AI agent’s response triggers positive or negative customer sentiment. This allows QA managers to evaluate the quality of their AI agent, which ensures constant improvement in customer interactions. Furthermore, by combining QA for AI agents with Spotlight, you can detect:

  • AI agent repetition: Identify conversations where the AI agent repeated the same message or question multiple times.
  • AI agent communication efficiency: Find conversations your AI agent handled less efficiently than your agents—for example, exchanging more messages than human agents when handling similar customer issues.

Voice QA and QA for AI agents greatly enhance the Zendesk QA product, offering a more comprehensive QA solution that enables you to ensure consistent, high-quality support across all channels. With these advanced solutions, you can optimize your support processes and provide the best customer experience possible, maintaining excellence at every touchpoint.

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