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Improving CSAT and ticket resolution with apps from the Zendesk Marketplace

Por Austin Aboav, Senior product marketing associate

Última actualización en September 17, 2019

Online marketplaces offer a wealth of solutions for companies of all shapes and sizes looking to improve the quality, speed, and efficacy of their customer service and support experiences. But while marketplaces are an incredible resource with nearly limitless possibilities, they can be overwhelming, intimidating, and confusing if you don’t know what you’re looking for.

In order to help navigate online marketplaces, we’ve taken a look at two of the most common goals of customer service and support teams—customer satisfaction and ticket resolution—and detailed a few of the most popular solutions available in the Zendesk Marketplace.

Customer Satisfaction

For many organizations, customer satisfaction, or CSAT, is among their most important KPIs. And for good reason: CSAT measures how satisfied customers are with not only a product or service but also how satisfied they are with every interaction with the company, from how an order was fulfilled to whether their interaction with support met their expectations.

One of the most powerful solutions a company can implement in order to understand their CSAT scores is the Satisfaction Console. This app allows support agents and admins to access, search and analyze CSAT data in real-time. The Satisfaction Console empowers agents to gather immediate feedback on what they’re doing well, and what can be improved directly from customers. The app also helps the company do deeper analysis by looking at trends across the entire business.

Another tool for helping agents provide better service is the Download Recordings app. This tool allows a support team to easily download and reference past calls, troubleshoot, and perform QA activities without having to pull up a ticket every time. When agents are able to quickly get to the information they need, they’re able to deliver the fast, personalized support that customers expect.

Solutions like MaestroQA help companies scale and modernize their omnichannel support while eliminating the need for manual methods of tracking customer interactions and coaching their agents. By making it easier for agents to maintain high quality for each interaction at scale, MaestroQA helps companies have a positive impact on CSAT no matter how fast they’re growing.

Another popular app for companies seeking to improve their CSAT is Cancel Ticket Submit. This solution prevents ticket submission and empowers agents to review their comments before the ticket is submitted in Zendesk. By preventing incorrect updates to tickets, agents are able to save time and focus on helping customers.

Ticket Resolution

Ticket resolution is at the heart of every service and support team. Metrics like resolutions time, first call resolution time, and average handle time provides invaluable insight into how well a team is performing. It should be no surprise that ticket resolution is one of the most common areas companies seek to improve.

One way to help agents resolve tickets faster and more effectively is with the Private Comments app. This allows a support team to add private comments to tickets. These comments can be useful when multiple agents are working on one issue, or for providing context in the future if the customer experiences new issues.

Tymeshift Work Management is a popular solution for companies looking to manage their workforce to make agents more efficient, and their managers more engaged. It provides easy access to data about how a team is working, from time, attendance and scheduling, to agent scorecards and real-time monitoring of where the team is deploying its resources.

For teams that are looking for ways to better organize their tickets, Quickie PLUS is an elegant tool for organizing ticket views, bookmarking tickets, and helping agents quickly access the information they need. Organizational tools like Quickie PLUS can dramatically improve the efficiency of agents when accessing or searching for tickets.

Another app that many companies deploy to help streamline how they organize and access tickets is Tag Locker. The app allows an admin to manage and limit which tags can be used by agents on tickets. It makes it easier for agents to search and add tags while preventing unwanted tags from complicating a defined tagging system.

Solutions for every business

While online marketplaces can be intimidating, they can provide an endless array of ways to improve your customer service experience, provided you know what you’re looking for. If you need a partner to assist you in making the most of online marketplaces, the Zendesk Customer Experience team can help.

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