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3 ways to use Zendesk as an ecommerce help desk

Por Justin Golschneider

Última actualización en September 21, 2021

Most businesses sell all over the web. While it’s great to sell on Amazon, eBay, and your own online stores, managing support across various channels can slow your responses, making it difficult to prioritize tickets. This creates accountability problems and can make your customer feel undervalued. Here are three ways to corral the chaos:

1. Email and social media support, SMS customer service
Say you run five different ecommerce sites and provide email support for each. You likely need to switch between email accounts for each one. If they use standard email addresses, you can hook them up to Zendesk and use it to manage unlimited emails with one login.

With email forwarding, you can send and receive emails through your current branded email addresses, and still handle everything via a single location.

If you prefer social media over email, that’s totally fine. It’s possible to turn Facebook messages and comments and Tweets into tickets.

If you have five online stores with Facebook and Twitter accounts for each, you can eliminate the hassle of dealing with 15 different logins every day and use just one.

It’s even possible to provide SMS customer service, something customers are choosing more and more over more traditional channels.

2. Shopify Integration
If you sell on the wildly popular ecommerce platform Shopify, you might have grown to love all the customer and order info they provide.

The free Shopify app lets you see all your most important data directly within your Zendesk tickets. You’ll be able to view customer details, recent orders, and order info in Zendesk, alongside a link to all your other data on Shopify.

3. eBay and Amazon Integration
Switching between eBay and Amazon windows and seller accounts can be a hassle. On top of that, eBay’s design focuses on individual sellers rather than businesses, and they only provide a single login per account. That means you’ll never know which member of your team sent which message—unless you link your accounts with Zendesk, that is.

You can connect eBay and Amazon with Zendesk by using the ChannelReply integration. Zendesk users like Golfio’s Howard Choi found that it makes an enormous difference in the amount of work their support team can accomplish: “The ChannelReply Zendesk integration has enabled us to answer 4x as many customer service inquiries. By integrating eBay and Amazon messages directly into our Zendesk account, we are able to cut down on the amount of time it takes each individual customer service agent to respond by empowering them to see all customer, product and shipping information in one window.”

These are just a few tips to help you save time and streamline your ecommerce help desk.

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This guest post was written by Justin Golschneider, marketing manager at ChannelReply

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