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By Eric Shen, Marketplace operations

Published August 31, 2017
Last modified August 31, 2017

Check out our great new apps and integrations, all designed to help you make the most of Zendesk:

Lightning Macros

Lightning Macros is a handy app that helps you customize your macros on the fly. Increase productivity, reduce errors, and personalize responses to your customers by adding custom input fields to your macros. When an agent applies a Lightning Macro to a ticket, they’re automatically prompted with a form that enables them to quickly customize the parts of the macro you specify. By using the tab key, they can quickly complete the form without ever using their mouse. Now agents can add validation logic to your fields to eliminate errors.


Pendo extends your product to capture all user behavior, gather feedback, and provide contextual help. By using the Pendo app for Zendesk, your support agents will be able to close tickets faster by having access to key product and user information right where they live. Get product usage information about what was being used right before the user filed the support ticket, including features, pages, and more. By having detailed session usage information the support agent has greater context leading to happier, faster support ticket resolution.


BubbleIQ seamlessly integrates Slack with Zendesk tickets to help you provide chat-based support within Slack. Turn any Slack message into a Zendesk Support ticket and your agents can reply to the conversation from Zendesk and the conversation will update in a thread on Slack.

NetFortris for Zendesk

The NetFortris for Zendesk app is an easy and cost effective way to have an integrated agent experience of the Fonality Platform phone system and Zendesk customer service management.The app integrates the NetFortris business communication system with Zendesk to allow customers to improve their business performance and customer experience with tools that allow agents to make calls, get contextual data about every call before they pick up, automatically log calls, take notes, and more.

Additional apps added in August

New apps for Zendesk Chat

Tymeshift is Workforce Management for Zendesk. This Chat app integrates with Tymeshift to track all of the activities of your chat agents.

ScreenMeet is modern and easy to use remote support from your web browser; see and control any device from your Zendesk instance.

Recursive Labs Visual Enagement brings Realtime cobrowse, Replay Interactive Video, Record archiving, and Replay chatbot integration to Zendesk Chat.

Mixpanel and the Mixpanel app for Zendesk Chat now enables your chat agents to close tickets faster by supplying them with key information about your customer in the chat sidebar.

ChargeDesk enables you to view, create, refund, and cancel all your customer payments & subscriptions alongside a Zendesk Chat now to help you resolve your chat interactions incredibly quickly.

SugarCRM for Zendesk now supports Zendesk Chat and allows you to see your Sugar Contact, Lead, Account, and Opportunity data right from the Zendesk Chat sidebar as your chat with your customers

Knowledge Base Search allows chat agents to search their linked Zendesk Help Center for public articles and send them to chat visitors.

New apps for Zendesk Support

Brand Manager helps you control the way your emails look based off the brands set up in the Zendesk Support account by giving you the ability to update triggers and automations with HTML based off your brands, define which triggers or automations to apply brands on, and allows for you to update all of your triggers and automations with a single click.

Organization Manager is an app that helps you organize the organizations in your Zendesk Support account in bulk.

Zoho Assist is a remote support tool that allows your support team to quickly launch and provide remote support to customers right from the Zendesk ticket itself.

Eyeson is a video conferencing app which provides your Zendesk team with online meeting rooms. Start a call directly from your Zendesk Support tickets and open the online meeting room for you and your team members or customers to join.

The Resurrect app makes it easy to schedule a date and time to have the status automatically changed from on-hold or Pending to Open on a Zendesk Support ticket.

Related tickets by custom field is a simple handy app that shows a list of tickets that have the same Custom Field value as the current ticket being viewed.

Hickory is an algorithmic training platform designed for customer service teams that allows you to send lessons, automated reviews, and personalized scenario trainings to your customer service team to help develop a best-in-class training programs for your staff.

Botanalytics helps businesses analyze their Zendesk Support conversations and understand how their users behave by tracking the metrics of user and agent performances.

Zodoo brings you to integration between Zendesk Support and Odoo and brings sales data from Odoo to the Zendesk Support ticket sidebar to make it easy for agents to review sales orders right in the Zendesk while working on tickets.

Viber Connect establishes a new communication channel with Viber users who reply on your Viber Service Messages by creating tickets in your Zendesk Support account.

Hubware E-commerce Intelligent Analyzer enables you to analyze your support tickets and provides you with reports that categorize your support tickets and the most frequently received types of requests, providing you with actionable key indicators to optimize customer service.

Zendesk Labs

Zignatures is ticket sidebar/new ticket sidebar app gives Admins the ability to create intelligent signatures with any type of look and feel, enabling Agents to see and control signatures behavior and ultimately make it possible for Marketing people to use this space more effectively.

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