Free knowledge base software

What is free knowledge base software?

Free knowledge base software is an application your company can use to publish every article and document your customers need to solve problems themselves. It pulls together your best practices, technical bulletins, tips, and workarounds giving your users access to them in one place.

Zendesk Guide provides a simple system for the creation and management of your knowledge base content, and its powerful search interface makes it easy for your customers to find the answers they need. It is available as a free trial or free with a qualified Zendesk Support plan.

Company knowledge available any time of day

Free knowledge base software can make big differences in your customer experience:
  • It gives your customers the chance to help themselves instead of depending on you. When your system makes it simple for them to access the article or document they need, customers and prospects are happy to try to do it themselves.
  • Most savvy users don’t want to wait for an agent in your call center. They want the information necessary to solve their problems morning, noon or night.
  • Best of all, free knowledge base software is just that: You pay no licensing fees to use it! The cost saving is a huge difference you’ll see on your bottom line.

Better outcomes make better relationships

Companies that use free knowledge base software are making a wise investment. The more information you make available to do-it-yourselfers, the more you empower them and the stronger the relationship you build with them. Plus, management can reallocate the budget it would have spent on licensing fees toward harvesting more content and building out a knowledge base that will keep you ahead of your competitors.

A timely solution

The sooner you implement knowledge base software, the sooner you can start meeting user needs all along the customer lifecycle: initial reach, first sale, relationship development, renewals/upgrades and brand advocacy. Upgrading to a paid plan with Zendesk includes knowledge base software, so you can give your prospects, users, and customers even better access to more types of information in your knowledge base.

Start easing your customer support burden

Your customers are never a burden, but supporting them can become a burden if you don’t make your product information available to them around the clock. Building up your knowledge base through an easy-to-use interface is the best way for you to get them on the road to self-service.

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