Answer questions quickly with FAQ software

How can you leverage FAQ software?

FAQ (frequently asked questions) software allows your company to answer frequent customer questions in a self-serve, efficient manner. Every company has questions they regularly get from customers (as well as those really weird ones). Instead of letting answers remain in a vacuum, use an FAQ service to share that knowledge with your customers.

Providing customers with an FAQ section through a company knowledge base or help center allows them to find answers to common questions — directly from you. When it comes to your company’s help center options, FAQ software does a lot of heavy lifting. (FAQs, like, totally work out.)

To make the most of your FAQ opportunities, you need to know exactly what your customers are asking. That’s where we come in. (Cue: Superhero music) Zendesk helps you tally which articles customers are visiting and commenting on most, giving you everything you need to decide what information to include in FAQs. Knowledge is power, and FAQ software is a powerful customer service addition for any company. (Especially yours. But don’t tell the others.)

A self-serve FAQ software solution

Give your customers what they want. No matter how great your team is, many customers prefer to find the answers to their questions without calling a customer service agent.

To tap into this customer need, savvy businesses build huge self-service communities and help centers so customers can find all the information they need. However, if that information isn’t organized, it’s kind of like looking for a 17th century thimble at a 30-acre yard sale. That’s also outdoors. And there’s a heatwave. And you totally forgot your hat. What we’re saying is that it’s not fun to search if there’s not an efficient system in place.

Offering an FAQ service—populated with answers your know your customers are looking for— and displaying it clearly for customers to find will both ease the burden on your customer service staff while also making sure customers are getting the right answers from the best source: You.

More time for your team

FACT: Customers will always have questions. Whether they’re simple requests or more difficult to answer (“I’m sorry, did you just ask me for the meaning of life?”), requests strain any customer service department. When customers contact your support team with the same questions, over and over again, that keeps employees from tackling more complex problems. Solve for efficiency with a high-quality FAQ section in your help center.

Camera Obscura's help center example of Zendesk's FAQ software.

FAQ best practices

Great news: With quality FAQ tools, creating your company’s FAQs is even simpler.

Begin by thinking about your customers’ most frequently asked questions. Make sure to check all potential platforms: tickets, phone calls, blog comments, Twitter, live events, etc. Whether it’s routine for your team or brand new, it’s important to regularly track these questions and identify which ones can be answered easily through a knowledge base article. To build the best FAQ section, track which content your customers are utilizing in your help center. Meet your customers where they are.

A few best practices to create solid FAQs:

  • Develop and maintain a style guide to ensure quality and consistency.
  • Make sure your company’s thought experts see and approve all copy.
  • Ensure articles are short and easy to read. (No one wants an FAQ novel)
  • Avoid jargon or technical terms your customers may not understand. If you have to use that acronym, make sure to add a definition.

Master FAQs with Zendesk

Zendesk makes it possible to improve your customers' self-service experiences and reduce support requests. Our knowledge management software helps you keep track of what customers are asking, including which articles they’re reading and commenting on, which means you have everything you need for those sweet FAQs. If you think that's great, combine Zendesk knowledge base software with Zendesk customer service analytics, and you can easily show management the impact self-service options have on your business. Like we said, our job is to make you look good.