Digital Tipping Point - Leading in a digital-first CX world

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Digital Tipping Point

Leading in a digital CX world

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About the webinar

About the webinar

The events of the last 18 months have left their mark on the digital world and we are now reaching a digital transformation tipping point. Organisations’ efforts to go digital—and drive growth through digitisation—are picking up steam. But many have more work to do before they can scale their efforts and see material impact.

Join us for The Digital Tipping Point, where we’ll discuss:

  • Which trends from last year are now permanent?
  • What is accelerating growth even further?
  • What are the big bets to make in CX this year?
  • What can you do to capitalize on all of it?

You will hear:

  1. From our panel on their advice regarding digital transformation
  2. How to manage hypergrowth
  3. Five big CX bets for the coming year from Adrian McDermott, CTO at Zendesk
  4. How COVID-19 accelerated digital momentum and what you need to do about it

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Caroline Hynes
Senior Director Product (Explore), Zendesk

Vera Rabkina
Head of Product,

Oleg Krasnov
Head of Support Excellence,

Valter Adão
Digital Leader,
Cadena Growth Partners

Adrian McDermott
Chief Technology Officer,

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