Support Ticket System

Overview of Support Ticket System

support ticket systemAt some point, you’ve probably talked to someone in customer service, and when that happened the customer service representative was also documenting your call, information, and creating a support ticket from inside of a support ticket system.

Marketwide, support ticket systems go by other different names, including:

  • issue tracking system
  • trouble ticket system
  • incident ticket system

No matter what you call it, a ticket system is software that manages and maintains lists of support issues. A ticketing system creates a ticket based on a customer interaction: a phone call, an email, chat, or more recently even a tweet or other action shared through social media channels.

How Businesses Use a Support Ticket System

Here’s an example scenario to demonstrate how a common support ticketing system, like Zendesk, works:

1. A customer advocate (agent, technician, representative) receives a telephone call, email, chat or other communication like a tweet from social media channels, from a customer about a problem.
2. The customer advocate verifies that the problem is real, and not just perceived, opens a ticket in the support ticket system, and obtains more information from the customer about the problem on the ticket. This information generally includes the environment of the customer, when and how the issue occurs, and all other relevant circumstances.
3. As corrective action is taken on the issue, the related support ticket is routed through the support ticketing system in a streamlined workflow, updated with new data by the customer advocate.
4. After the issue has been fully addressed, it is marked as resolved in the support ticket system.

Depending on the type of customer issue or situation the actual problem may not have been fully corrected, but the customer advocate will still be marked as resolved. The problem may be related to a known issue that’s on a product roadmap for correction, have a suitable work-around, or might even been an issue that exists by-design.

Zendesk’s Ticketing System

Zendesk’s support ticket system helps companies streamline their support ticket workload. When a company’s customer emails a support request to a Zendesk’s support ticket system, he or she immediately receives a notification that the issue is being assigned to an agent.

The agent will then escalate the issue to an engineer and provide a status update to the customer. This entire process happens through Zendesk, typically within 24 hours.

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¿Por qué Zendesk?

Zendesk’s support ticket system provides customers with ticket management tools, and highly configurable forums, knowledge base, and FAQs.

Inside your Zendesk, you will already be setup with many customer support best practice workflow tools, including macros and triggers. Furthermore, Zendesk automatically works with your email so you can stop digging through your inbox and start engaging with your customers.

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