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Best sales tracker software

Última actualización en January 22, 2024

If you run a quick internet search for “sales tracking software,” a dizzying number of results pop up. It’s no wonder you may be confused about what sales tracking software actually does. In this comprehensive guide, you’ll find information on what sales tracking software is and how it can help your business become more efficient and profitable.

Keep scrolling to find the answers to your biggest questions about sales tracking software. Or pick from one of the topics below:

What is sales tracking software?

Sales tracking is the process of monitoring, recording, and analyzing reps' activity throughout the sales process. And tracking software allows you to easily gather and act upon that data.

Sales tracking platforms are indispensable tools that let you see the hard data about how effective your sales process and practices are—and where there’s room for improvement.

They also give you an unbiased view of your current business practices. Based on personal experience, your sales team might think that what they’re doing is effective. And maybe it is. But until you have the data in front of you, you don’t actually have the full picture.

Using a sales tracking app lets you make data-driven decisions that are more likely to have a demonstrable impact on your bottom line.

What do sales tracking systems include?

Sales tracking systems provide a variety of beneficial tools. They primarily assist with pipeline management, activity management, and analytics.

sales tracking software

Pipeline Management

When tracking sales, it’s vital to keep an eye on exactly where prospects are in the pipeline. Sales tracking software keeps your reps organized and focused when juggling dozens of leads, as well as providing them with crucial sales tools.

Prospecting and lead generation

There’s no pipeline to manage if it’s empty. Prospecting software and lead generation tools allow you to easily Identify potential customers, build a database of prospects, and tactfully nurture promising leads.

Lead scoring and qualification

Lead scoring and qualification software helps you determine which of your leads is most likely to make an actual purchase. Accurately assessing which leads are worth your time means less dead ends and wasted hours for your reps.

Presentation and pitching

Knowing how to present and pitch your product well is critical to closing. Having a consistent, thorough, and engaging pitch that all your sales reps have a firm grasp on sets you up for success.

Objection handling and conversion

All sales reps should be ready and prepared to navigate customer concerns. Handling these objections is often the final hurdle before converting your prospects into paying customers.

Activity management

Sales tracking software also assists with activity management. Tracking and automating events, tasks, calls, and emails is vital for developing competitive business practices in the 21st century.

Sales call tracking

Tracking sales calls allows you to gather important data about which phone conversations best move your product. These insights allow you to improve sales rep training, refine your company’s call strategies, and nurture more leads.

Sales email tracking

Similarly, tracking sales emails reveals important metrics about which email messages or strategies are attracting paying customers.


Tracking your company’s sales analytics is a fundamentally smart business practice. When you understand your key sales metrics, you can make the right calls on how to increase revenue and efficiency, save time, and identify new leads and opportunities.


Sales reporting gives you a clear view of where your company stands. It tracks measurable activities in your business which have predictable outcomes.


Having the information you need to anticipate future revenue spikes and dips keeps you prepared. Accurate forecasting software means you can make well-informed business decisions year-round.

Top 10 sales tracking software tools

  1. Zendesk Sell

  2. NetSuite CRM

  3. FreeAgent CRM

  4. SalesNOW

  5. Spiro

  1. Salesdash

  2. Thryv

  3. Keap

  4. Skynamo

  5. Bitrix24

Zendesk Sell

Zendesk Sell sales tracker software

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Zendesk Sell is a state-of-the-art sales tracking CRM‚—a sales CRM for both small businesses and enterprise organizations. Zendesk’s advanced sales automation lets you track leads, analyze sales reports, manage contacts, and refine your sales tactics. With access to robust streamlining features, Zendesk offers greater ease of performance and daily workflow.

Zendesk Sell also assists with lead scoring, determining lead value, and streamlining teamwork between departments. And with hundreds of integration options, you can easily connect your CRM sales tracking app to your other business applications. With one central data location and no toggling between screens, your teams will fall right into alignment.

It also offers an industry-leading sales power dialer which logs and processes key insights and information about every customer experience. With a significant list of intelligent features (including real-time chat, queue management, IVR/Voice recognition, and predictive dialer), Zendesk offers sales reps everything they need to deliver excellent and personalized customer care.

Designed for flexibility and customization of your business, Zendesk Sell offers a host of third party app integrations. An intuitive and easy-to-use interface makes it simple to tailor your sales tracking software to meet your particular needs.

With built-in enrichment tools, you can auto-populate detailed contact information directly into a lead’s contact card. Data enrichment allows you to collect detailed lead information from only an email address. With this information you can conveniently score leads with virtually no manual research.

Zendesk Sell offers a free trial, so you can explore the benefits of industry-leading sales tracking software with no risk.


NetSuite CRM

NetSuite CRM sales tracker software

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NetSuite CRM is a cloud-based CRM software used by small and mid-sized businesses to manage their sales tracking and customer relations. They offer 24/7 live rep support and in-person training.

NetSuite CRM offers sales forecasting and quota management, allowing users to categorize the transaction forecast type to identify quotes, estimates, and opportunities. Real time dashboards deliver role-based reports to marketing, service, and sales teams. NetSuite CRM is a more general, all-in-one cloud solution, which includes sales performance management, order management, and partner management. These can be integrated with NetSuite ERP.

With NetSuite CRM’s marketing automation, you can coordinate marketing campaigns and sales efforts across multiple channels. You can also automate lead capture from websites, direct mail, and search engines. This software can recognize purchasing patterns, which supports upsell marketing.

NetSuite CRM is also compatible with most mobile devices. You can manage everyday activities, submit timesheets and expenses, and update customer and sales data from your personal smartphone or tablet.

Additionally, there is the opportunity to integrate with NetSuite’s ecommerce solution, allowing you to create a single system of record for customer activity and transaction data. This tracks your online interactions with prospects and customers, improving visibility into recently browsed products and services.

NetSuite does not offer a free trial.


  • Email marketing
  • Document storage
  • Internal chat integration
  • Marketing automation
  • Lead qualification

FreeAgent CRM

FreeAgent CRM sales tracker software

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FreeAgent CRM is a sales force automation system that combines sales tracking functions with customer relations tools. It offers a long list of features including volunteer management, expense tracking, and drip emails.

Focused on helping teams organize and collaborate, FreeAgent CRM’s software uses boards, lists, and cards to help teams communicate in a visual way.

FreeAgent offers real-time reports that link forecast changes directly to individual activities. Email templates, customizable deal stages, automated task management, push notifications, and instant lead follow-up are available tools to add to your reps’ repertoire.

FreeAgent CRM automatically organizes and tracks emails, calls, and meetings. You can view the volume and quality of interactions to see how quickly leads qualify and why certain leads score poorly. You can also target your ICP in advertising by creating lookalike audiences from your more successful customer interactions.

FreeAgent CRM offers a free trial and a free demo.


  • A/B testing
  • Channel management
  • Content delivery
  • Customer segmentation
  • Prospecting tools


SalesNOW sales tracker software

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SalesNOW is a cloud-based sales CRM available on mobile and desktop devices. SalesNOW offers field sales management and mobile access to agents working outside of the office. In addition, custom fields, advanced searches, and filters help quickly find contacts and accounts.

SalesNOW offers a customizable lead tracking system, allowing for simple follow-up with your leads and automated tools that organize and assign them to the appropriate sales rep.

SalesNOW can be accessed through most mobile phones or tablets for ease of use. SalesNOW’s mobile CRM has all the same features of the online platform and is compatible with iOS, Android, and BlackBerry.

In addition, SalesNOW offers mobile mapping, allowing you to peruse your customer information on a map instead of a list. This can offer insight into which customers are near you or clustered in certain geographical demographics. You can also work directly from this map. Email or call your customers while en route by clicking the relevant map pin.

You can also integrate SalesNOW with your email account, allowing you to keep all relevant information about a lead, deal, or account in one secure place. Using Outlook or Gmail integration lets you save contacts, emails, and calendar entries directly into SalesNOW for further use.

SalesNOW offers free online training and is designed for quick implementation.


  • Email marketing
  • Lead distribution
  • Prospecting tools
  • Performance metrics
  • Customer service analytics


Spiro sales tracker software

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Spiro is a sales tracking CRM designed for B2B companies, serving industries like manufacturing, finance, real estate, logistics, and insurance.

Spiro’s AI engine is designed to work in the background, automatically collecting data from email, voice, and text to track engagement throughout the sales cycle. The Spiro Assistant automatically uses conversations from your connected email account to create contacts and opportunities. Spiro also attempts to enrich company and contact details, supplementing your date with information from LinkedIn, profiles, addresses, and more.

Spiro consolidates customer touchpoints, creating records for each prospect or customer interaction (including emails, texts, notes, and meetings). Automated call logging and call transcriptions similarly create specific records of phone interactions.

Spiro’s big claim is that its interface simplifies pipeline management. With Spiro, you can drag and drop input deals across the sales stages to keep track of how far along each deal is in the sales cycle. The Spiro Assistant also provides users with a daily to-do list of tasks, both AI- and user-generated, as well as follow-up reminders based on the user’s activity (or lack of it).

Spiro integrates with numerous tools, including Microsoft Office 365, Zendesk, NetSuite ERP, QuickBooks, Slack, and Zoom. It can also integrate with HubSpot features for things like contact activity and management, email marketing, and contact and company insights.


  • Calendar/reminder system
  • Sales forecasting
  • Referral tracking
  • Lead management
  • Performance metrics


Salesdash sales tracker software

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Salesdash is a simplistic and easily-parsed CRM where you can create or import contact information in order to track client activity. You can set reminders yourself or have the software set up intuitive reminders for you. The dashboard will also display daily tasks and highlight any overdue tasks which you might have missed. Additionally you can create custom statuses for leads and subsequently track where that lead is in your sales process.

Unlimited custom fields mean you can include as much client information as needed. You can then run reports on your contacts, clients, and accounts. Salesdash has integrations with Google and Outlook that allow you to connect your email and/or calendar to the software.

Salesdash helps manage pipelines by building custom pipeline stages based on your preferred customer journey. You can track clients through the buying process, as well as can create and customize multiple funnels as needed.

You can also build custom web forms with your desired field to help capture web leads. You’ll receive email and in-software notifications for any new leads that come in.

Salesdash offers a 14-day trial to test drive their software.


  • CRM
  • Mobile access
  • Calendar/reminder system
  • Forecasting
  • Task management


Thryv sales tracker software

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Thryv is an appointment schedule sales app with a long list of features, including 2-way messaging, room booking, mobile payments, and tax calculation.

Thryv is a Google Premier Partner, designed to help potential customers find your business. You can generate a custom review request URL through Thryv that can be shared with customers in the hopes of generating more reviews to bolster your company.

Thryv also organizes customer messages into one inbox. Automated reminders can be set up to ensure that you are corresponding with your leads promptly and regularly. Thryv also lets you offer service packages to customers, with the aim of securing appointments and advance sales.

Thryv integrates with a variety of other apps and services including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Yelp, Square, Stripe, Paypal, Quickbooks, Jotform, Wordpress, Zoom and Google. Real-time review monitoring and social media management aim to let you curate how customers view your company at large. You can also pull information from your competitors to gain data on how they are performing and why their numbers are different.

Thryv offers a free trial and also has a mobile app allowing you to manage and track your sales from your smartphone, tablet, or other devices.


  • Analytics/ROI tracking
  • Automated scheduling
  • Marketing automation
  • Emailing marketing
  • Billing portal


Keap sales tracker software

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Keap is a web-based sales activity tracker with mobile capability and in-person training for new users. Keap offers a large range of simple to advanced automations with the ability to select and customize which automations suit your business needs. Keap’s primary focus is quick customer follow up. Keap allows users to automate many follow-up processes, such as sending out mass texts and emails to potential clients.

Keap tracks lead information including behavior trends, preferences, and likeliness to buy. Their sales and marketing automation is subsequently meant to move the most qualified leads down your sales pipeline.

Keap is integratable with over 2,000 third party apps, allowing you to incorporate programs your company already uses into your CRM software. All data is kept in one place and accessible from either a desktop browser or Keap’s mobile app.

You can also utilize Keap Business Line to create an exclusive company phone number for lead conversations. You can use Keap Business Line in order to manage a local number, a business voicemail, and auto-reply messages. Using this business line, you can keep two numbers on one phone. This aims to give your reps more freedom in the field.

Keap offers a free trial and a long list of other features including promotions management and a self-service portal.


  • Calendar/reminder system
  • Live chat
  • Performance metrics
  • Email marketing
  • Reporting analytics


Skynamo sales tracker software

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Skynamo is a cloud-based sales tracking software for manufacturers, wholesales, and distributors. This website describes its software as a field sales app. It offers real-time reporting and automated sales analysis allowing you to track your retail movement, sales activities, orders, forecasted sales, customer visits, and other information happening in the field.

Skynamo aims to streamline CRM and contact management by letting you view customer history, location, contacts, and products ordered in an organized manner. It also offers live order capturing meant to improve on order accuracy and invoicing turnaround time.

Skynamo allows you to customize your software based on what industry your business operates in. It offers specific assistance with broader industry categories such as manufacturing, distribution, wholesale, and imports, and more specific industry categories such as agriculture, office supplies, minerals & mining, etc.

Skynamo offers resource planning and accounting software integration with a specific list of integration partners including Sage, Acumatica, Xero, Microsoft Dynamics 365, BigCommerce Partner, Syspro, and Quickbooks. In addition, the Skynamo Public API allows third parties to access client data after receiving an API key from the Skynamo services team.

Skynamo has a variety of online training resources through their knowledge center. This includes webinars on demand, videos, and an industry thermometer (which tracks the values of orders being captured by customers and compares that data to the data of other companies that use Skynamo).

Skynamo pricing is based on number of users and features, and provides custom quotes instead of pre-priced packages.


  • Call management
  • Mobile access
  • Performance metrics
  • Document storage
  • Forecasting


Bitrix24 sales tracker software

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Bitrix24 is a sales call tracking software platform for companies and small businesses.

Bitrix24 aims to create a virtual office for your company to work and collaborate from, regardless of your agents’ locations. Bitrix24 offers HD video calls and conferences for up to 48 participants with no time limit. You can also record calls and change video chat backgrounds. Bitrix24 offers private and group chats as well as an online time clock meant to keep sales teams coordinated.

Bitrix24 generates leads from multiple channels, including web forms, live chats, phone calls, and social media, which are then added to your CRM automatically. Bitrix24 has a built-in lead scoring tool designed to prioritize your leads for your sales reps. It also assigns those prospects automatically once qualified.

Additionally, you can monitor your project activity, receive work reports, and distribute company workloads through Bitrix24. They offer a variety of visual project management aids, including printable Gantt charts and customizable Kanban boards.

You can also set up your own call center with smart routing and call tracking, along with your own live chat and customizable chatbots with preprogrammed replies. Similarly, you can customize feedback and callback request forms for your website.

They offer a free plan for starter business tools, as well as a 30-day free trial.


  • Activity tracking
  • Call management
  • Sales analytics
  • Prospecting tools
  • File sharing

What are the benefits of using sales tracker software?

Used correctly, your sales tracking software will deliver huge benefits to your staff and your bottom line. Here are six core benefits you can expect to see once you start using sales tracking software, and how they’ll help improve daily operations in your company.

Save time

Sales reps already have a lot of tasks on their plate. Sales tracking apps can reduce a good amount of that workload, automating some of the most tedious tasks that eat up your reps’ time. Implementing a sales tracking app ends up saving your company untold hours. All by freeing up your agents to devote more time to the tasks that need a human touch.

Keep your sales team organized

When sales reps are in charge of keeping their own records, the data they collect can be disjointed and hard to analyze. Having a centralized place to store your sales data makes it easier to onboard new sales reps. And share customer information across departments. And easily pull up customer information at a moment’s notice. The benefits are numerous.

When you implement sales tracking software into your daily workflow, there’s no more dealing with messy spreadsheets. Or digging through hastily scribbled notes about a customer interaction. All of your data is automatically stored and organized to your preferences, so everyone can manage their tasks more efficiently.

Get more accurate predictions

Planning for growth means looking toward the future. Sales call tracking software allows you to make more accurate sales forecasting predictions. That way you can get a better view of what the future holds. You’ll be able to budget better, plan for staff increases, and build a plan for growth that won’t slip away from you. Sales tracking takes the guesswork out of forecasting, giving you a better chance of hitting your sales goals and expanding your customer base.

Build better customer service

Knowing more about your customers means you can provide better service. Sales tracking software stores and analyzes every piece of customer data that comes to your company. Your reps don’t have to rely on memory alone. When your reps have quick and organized access to customer data, they’re better equipped to upsell products or services.

Customers don’t appreciate feeling like nameless wallets. Using sales tracking software gives your sales reps an opportunity to build stronger relationships with customers. All by putting reliable and up-to-date information at their fingertips. So your sales reps can personalize their interactions.

Improving customer relationships is an ongoing goal for many businesses, which is why many companies choose to invest in CRM sales tracking software. The best customer relationship management software will give you all the tools and benefits of sales tracking software. With the added advantages of customer relationship building features.

Reduce human error

People make mistakes, especially when they’re hurried or stressed. Using sales tracking software minimizes human error, meaning that you can have more confidence in the data you collect.

Accurate data is essential to setting goals, implementing changes, and strategizing for growth. Reducing human error also boosts team morale, providing your reps with a safety net that will catch and prevent costly mistakes.

Show you opportunities for improvement

While your sales reps are busy trying to hit their quotas, your managers are looking at the big picture. Having a full view of your sales process allows your managers to make better decisions when determining next steps.

Looking at the performance metrics, managers can easily see who’s on track to hit their goals, and who might need more guidance. It also lets them see exactly where customers are losing interest, so they can make adjustments to the sales pipeline to reduce churn rates.

Boost profits

Add all these benefits together and you get increased profits. When your team is better organized, less stressed, and able to make data-driven decisions, your success rates have nowhere to go but up.

Try sales tracking software with a free CRM trial

CRM sales tracking software gives you the best of both worlds. Zendesk Sell allows you to track your entire sales cycle, while also integrating marketing and customer service functions for a more cohesive workplace. It’s scalable and customizable to fit businesses of all sizes and industries, and is guaranteed to meet your sales tracking needs.

If you want to experience a free sales CRM software trial with sales tracking, test run Zendesk Sell by starting a 14-day trial today.

Take sales tracking to the next level with Sell