Reinventa la nueva normalidad con Zendesk

Reimagine the new normal with Zendesk

Zendesk is a service-first CRM company known for building easy-to-use solutions that can scale quickly to meet changing needs. We’ve drawn on our expertise in user and customer experience, along with recommended best practices, to help organizations adjust to new workplace norms. Partner with Zendesk to build an iterative plan that suits your needs and security requirements.*

Use Zendesk's solution to:

  • Manage workforce risk assessment
  • Support employees or students in the “new normal”
  • Deploy a screening process, and ensure safety

*Processing personal health information in Zendesk requires the purchase of a qualifying add-on.

See how Zendesk can help your organization reimagine work & school

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Return to work securely

Reimagine new norms with Zendesk

Keep teams working seamlessly as work protocol shifts and ensure your employees or students are receiving the support they need during these changing times. Our team will work with your organization or school to develop a solution that perfectly suits your unique business needs.

Scale with ease

Train and scale your remote workforce

We bring together everything support teams need into one intuitive interface and enable admins to accommodate an influx of inquiries by quickly scaling up the number of agents. Quickly train agents onboarding remotely with our AI-powered knowledge base.

Boost productivity

Increase efficiency with easily configurable workflows

Advanced routing and workflow options allow you to automatically direct certain tickets that you define to certain agents with specialized skill sets, such as those that can speak multiple languages or those focused solely on risk assessment, contact tracing, and workforce safety.

Adaptable to your needs

Create a flexible custom return to work plan

Customers partner with Zendesk to design a personalized and nimble “return to work” solution for your organization’s needs. As the business world continues to change, we understand the need for an agile and iterative solution. We’ll work with your team to experiment, test, and adjust your plan as needed.

Robust reporting

Effectively track and measure trends

Fine-tune your outbreak response with real-time trends and analytics. Track the effectiveness of return to work efforts and identify areas for prioritization or triage. Easily export data via API or CSV to external business intelligence and data warehouse tools. Intuitive dashboards allow you to keep the entire team up-to-date.