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CallHub targets more business through satisfied customers

CallHub’s communication platform enables organizations (political, advocacy, non-profit, or business) to create outreach campaigns and connect with their audience via mobile phones and the web. By implementing Zendesk, the company has automated aspects of its customer service and gained deeper insights into agents’ performance. The company now sees a much higher customer satisfaction rate of 94 percent, along with a significant behavioral shift for customers.

“With Zendesk, we’ve been able to greatly improve our operations and customer experience. We’re always getting good feedback from both existing and new users, and that has helped us grow our customer base.”

Vinay Sharma

Director of Customer Support - CallHub

“When you have direct access to insights and updates, both the individual and the team become truly efficient. With Zendesk, everyone knows the system and knows it’s operating right, so they can just focus on the job of helping customers.”

Vinay Sharma

Director of Customer Support - CallHub

Company Headquarters

San Jose, California

Service availability

200+ countries

Number of customers

1,200 across 6 continents

Number of employees



SLA breaches




Monthly self-help web impressions

< 15 minutes

Live chat queries resolved

In today’s world, people or organizations looking to build a strong support base often turn to online media. That’s where CallHub comes in—it enables its users to run online campaigns and reach out to followers to keep them engaged and informed. Whether it’s a political or social awareness campaign, anyone can use CallHub services to perform outreach, grassroots mobilization, advocacy, or fundraising to support a cause for change or political candidates.

“We facilitate communication between our clients and their audience. But we want to also be a support organization—we also want to be a part of the journey of creating or running the campaigns. We want them to know that someone is there to help them when they need it,” says Vinay Sharma, director of customer support at CallHub.

Since 2011, the company has been using a basic help desk system for its customer service. “Our previous system didn’t have support for Ai agents, a dedicated phone support line option, or sophisticated custom reporting capabilities,” says Sharma. “In contrast, we found that Zendesk could give us features we needed such as live chat, ticket management, and an effective self-help portal. We were also assured knowing that their team was very supportive and always ready to help.”

Serving customers better and faster

CallHub decided to implement Talk, Live Chat, and Guide straight out of the box. This move enabled the SaaS provider to deliver the right kind of service to its diverse clientele. “Using a single tool, we can tailor our level of support according to our subscription plans. For example, our enterprise plan provides a dedicated support line, live chat, and an extensive self-help portal while a lighter plan could just have ticketing tools with tight service-level agreements,” says Sharma.

The company implemented the Zendesk solution with relative ease. “We didn’t face many challenges, but there were just some extra things that needed to be done, such as the integration with Slack and other apps. We also ran custom scenarios within Zendesk and saw no real struggles,” says Sharma.

Now, CallHub is using automation effectively to manage basic customer queries. “The Zendesk AI agent manages a lot of our simpler queries, which has saved our agents time. Now they can focus on more valuable tasks such as creating articles or helping customers with campaign management,” says Tarun Gulati, customer service team lead at CallHub. “Our users have faster access to information about how to set up campaigns or import contacts faster, because these are basic knowledge the Zendesk AI agent can provide on demand without needing human intervention.”

With Guide, CallHub has made self-help even easier and more effective. “It was a big job, packaging 95 percent of our product information into a system that users could easily navigate,” says Sharma. “Our users can now search for answers anytime and this has significantly increased our web impressions from almost nothing to 50,000.”

CallHub users experience much shorter hold time and more efficient service when contacting customer support. As a result, the company has been receiving good feedback. “We now have a customer satisfaction (CSAT) score of 94 percent. Providing a good experience is paramount to retain customers because when people run successful campaigns with us, they are more likely to use our service again,” says Sharma.

Making use of better data visibility

The company has also received access to more data with advanced analytics. With everything gathered in one platform and integrated with Slack, CallHub can keep its specialists constantly updated on the status of their accounts. The best part is that all the meaningful data and insights are collated into a customized CallHub support team dashboard. This allows the management to have full visibility of open tickets and how quickly they are resolved. “I’m always looking into response time and figuring out ways to get our average to be more like our fastest,” says Sharma. “That’s so easy with the level of holistic detail Zendesk is providing me.”

CallHub agents are quickly notified when a customer contacts them, which allows them to give a speedy response. “We can now respond to a query, via email, within just one hour and provide the right answers. Because our users run live events, having that visibility really enables us to be by their side when they need it,” says Sharma.

Moving forward, CallHub plans to use Zendesk Talk for live customer support to further speed up problem solving. The company also plans to adopt Zendesk’s social media functionality. “We feel that we’ve adopted a complete tool that allows us to try out any idea we may have. It’s really empowered us to move forward, and that’s a big success for me,” concludes Sharma.