Overcome enterprise challenges

Overcome enterprise challenges

You’re already taking advantage of the Zendesk Marketplace apps, solving 5,000+ tickets a month and running a customer support department with 100+ agents. We’ve created a customized resource page for you to explore how to support such a large department and take a deeper dive into the features of Support Enterprise.

Improving agent workflow with Support Enterprise plan

You have a large team to manage. With skills-based routing, you can get the right requests to the right agents that knows how to best solve them

Overcome enterprise challenges

How you provide support for all of your brands

Manage multiple help centers–each with a unique destination, content, and branded design–from a single Zendesk Support account

Provide tools for seamless collaboration with internal and external teams

With the Collaboration add-on, you can give others in your organization limited access to Zendesk Support so they can help provide input. You can also let agents easily start side conversations with both internal and external teams and keep all those interactions within Support – all without having to leave the ticket.

Removing friction from the customer experience

Learn why Zendesk customers have added additional teams to their instance of Zendesk Support, and what their customers and support teams have gained as a result