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Open Lines of Communication with WordPress Live Chat

What is live chat for WordPress?

Live chat for WordPress, or WordPress help chat, is a plugin that allows companies to offer live chat for support, sales, or other needs through their WordPress hosted website. Typically built with a WordPress chat plugin or widget, such as Zendesk Chat, WordPress live chat is a great way to offer immediate support to users directly on your website.

With Zendesk and its available plugins, all customer data and ongoing conversations exist in a single location, making it possible to move from chat to phone to social media while still providing the same great experience.

Real-time support

It's too often that a customer will be browsing a company’s website and find that they have a question they can’t find an answer to. Unfortunately, many companies lack the ability to offer real time support on their website and force the user to open their email, pick up the phone, or navigate to a web form. Companies that use WordPress and its many plugins can offer the plugin for WordPress live chat and instantly message directly within their WordPress site. Now customers can chat directly with a support agent through live chat software without having to navigate away from the company’s website.

Customers hate waiting

Time is a major factor in customer service. The longer it takes to resolve an issue, the lower CSAT gets and the higher the cost to the company. So it’s imperative to offer prompt support. The plugin for WordPress live chat allows customers to immediately connect with an agent and solve their problem in real time, all while improving customer satisfaction and reducing the cost of solving the issue.

Increase conversion rates

The plugin for WordPress live chat also has the benefit of letting companies provide unobtrusive proactive support, which can help increase conversion rates, improve upselling, and reduce shopping cart abandonment. If a visitor is stuck on a page for long time, the plugin for WordPress live chat can enable a customer service agent to proactively open a chat from within the website and offer assistance, removing any roadblocks that might get in the way of a purchase.
An example of how Zendesk Chat can be used for WordPress live chat via Zendesk.

Cómo ayuda Zendesk

Zendesk’s customer service software makes customer service easier, and Zendesk Chat is a great way for companies to offer WordPress live chat, including:
  • Proactive support. Triggers in Zendesk Chat will notify support agents when a user has met preset conditions, such as time spent on a specific page. The agent can then reach out and offer support, paving the way to a better user experience and increased sales.
  • Powerful reporting. Zendesk Chat monitors important metrics, from the real-time monitoring to agent performance, helping companies identify areas to improve and which tactics are already working.
  • Uninterrupted support. With Zendesk, all customer data and ongoing conversations exist in a single location, making it possible to move from chat to phone to social media while consistently using plugin and still providing the same great experience for the user.

Support at the right time

Companies looking to improve conversion rates and turn more visitors into buyers, as well as companies looking to reduce support costs while improving CSAT should consider WordPress live chat as a support channel.

Get chatty with your customers

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