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Create a unified marketing & support experience that drives engagement & revenue

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Create a unified marketing & support experience that drives engagement & revenue

Ada Engage powers up Zendesk's capabilities to deliver automated customer experiences (ACX) across the end-to-end customer journey that boost engagement and drive revenue for Zendesk clients. With Ada Engage added to the suite, Zendesk takes its automation scalability to the next level for Mid-market and Enterprise businesses.

What is Ada Engage?

Building on top of Ada's success in automating customer support experiences, Ada Engage leverages industry-leading Conversation AI to open up automation opportunities for Zendesk clients to unify marketing, sales, and support experiences into one CX suite empowered by the Zendesk platform.

Finally, a 24/7 Sales Rep

Your sales reps shouldn’t get hired to do manual repetitive tasks. Ada Engage proactively invites customers to interact and auto-generates qualified leads into Zendesk Sell. High-value opportunities are triaged to the right agent at the right time to lift conversion.

Ada Engage automates simple, routine interactions, so your agents are free to spend their time on what matters most - building valuable customer relationships, and winning deals.

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If you have any questions on Ada for Zendesk Sell, ask us at zendesk@ada.support

How does Ada Engage + Zendesk Sell work together?

Ada Engage makes Zendesk Sell even simpler, keeping your reps focused on selling with high-converting lead capture automation:

  • Proactively invite customers to engage in conversations - Automatically turn pre-sales conversations into qualified leads

Ada seamlessly integrates with Zendesk Sell.

Zendesk Sell Key Features

Scale the personalized sales experience you deliver with your sales reps by introducing an automated chatbot powered by AI + Natural Language Processing.

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