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CoreLogic powers CX by unifying communication channels

CoreLogic helps people build better lives by providing rich property insights that inform the very best property decisions. The company partnered with Zendesk in 2019 to revamp its customer service and employee experience by replacing its legacy contact center. Today, CoreLogic strives to deliver personalized customer experiences, enables its employees to work on high-value tasks that make a difference for customers, and generates revenue in its service channels because of its user experience-focused digital adoption.

CoreLogic Australia
“There’s been a 63 percent usage of digital engagement – a channel we didn’t have before. It’s given customers the option for self-service, where it makes sense, and reduced the burden on our clients seeking simple answers from us in an 'analog' way.”

Sarah Edwards

Executive, Client Experience - CoreLogic Australia

“Zendesk has taken the time to understand our strategy and make proactive suggestions about what we should be focusing on next and the return on investment that we would get through focusing on those actions. Their input has been incredible.”

Sarah Edwards

Executive, Client Experience - CoreLogic Australia


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Increase in digital engagement


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Increase in employee satisfaction on work tools

CoreLogic Australia has been setting the bar for property intelligence over the last 40 years. By harnessing the power of data, the company helps millions of people make smart property decisions and build better lives. CoreLogic works with real estate professionals, financial institutions, insurance companies, government agencies, and other housing market participants across the globe to create seamless home ownership journeys. For CoreLogic, guiding its customers’ decisions has been at the heart of its operations.

Creating a cohesive working experience

As the company’s client pool grew, CoreLogic realized it needed an agile and collaborative digital solution for enhancing employee experience and delivering exceptional customer service. Previously, its service center operated via three separate systems for chat, phone, and email, and didn’t offer comprehensive customer views. These legacy systems had minimal self-service options and forced customers to call in, even for the simplest query.

The company partnered with Zendesk to uplift its customer experience technology. CoreLogic focused its service transformation around a Zendesk tagline —digital-first, human when it matters. “We were using technology that wasn’t fit for our purpose. It wasn’t designed to improve the customer and employee experience in a service center environment. In contrast, Zendesk was created to do exactly that,” explains Sarah Edwards, Executive, Client Experience at CoreLogic.

To validate the theory, Edwards got approval to explore the Zendesk solution. “We started with a small proof of concept that clearly showed Zendesk’s value over three months, before expanding. That flexibility to iterate and add was incredibly useful to us,” she says.

Zendesk enabled the company to combine chats, emails, and calls into one platform, which helped employees maintain consistent customer service across all communication channels. “Our employees can easily access the customer’s entire history with us and pick up the conversation from before. So there’s no disparity in customer experience,” Edwards adds.

Increasing self-service via digital interactions

The newly introduced external knowledge center became a source of useful information for customers, enabling them to find answers without having to call an agent. Between 2020 and 2022, CoreLogic saw a 33 percent drop in customer calls, while digital engagement increased from zero to 63 percent.

Service agents could answer customer queries faster and take more time on the phone to provide additional value based on contextual business needs since the reasons for customers to call were now consolidated. “First contact resolution for customers is now at 94 percent,” explains Edwards. “We’ve lessened the burden on our staff and given them the time to have in-depth conversations and do more in that initial interaction.” This has led to a 20% improvement in our CSAT scores for the company over a two-year period.

Enabling proactive customer service

Today, over 90 percent of all customer interactions occur via Zendesk. This high data volume helps CoreLogic build out a 360-degree view of the customer by combining scattered customer profiles and customer touchpoints across all channels. The result is better connectivity between customers, front-of-house staff, and the rest of the business.

All these changes enable CoreLogic to move away from a reactive to a proactive approach to customer service. “If a customer has to go and seek support, that is a point of frustration and a barrier to exceptional service,” explains Edwards. “Now, we’re spending more time proactively engaging with customers instead of answering queries. We talk about our apps they should subscribe to or featured products they should check out, ultimately driving retention and additional value.”


Creating an effective working environment

Adopting Zendesk has also enabled CoreLogic to streamline its processes. By automating some administrative tasks, employees gained more time for other work. Over a two-year period, the operational teams experienced a 10 percent rise in productivity, a five percent increase in work quality, and a better work environment overall. “We are quicker to act on our clients’ requests because of the single platform. The knowledge center embedded in Zendesk automatically notifies employees based on the inquiries, and that has transformed our consistency,” says Edwards. “Even something as simple as automatically-issued tickets for inbound customer calls resulted in 30 percent savings in post-call work for an employee.” Having taken away a lot of the menial tasks, employee satisfaction around the tooling that they use to do their job at CoreLogic grew an astronomical 67 percent in the period since Zendesk went live.

CoreLogic refers to Zendesk as a Gold Standard partner. “The time, care, and genuine desire to know about us and help us is second to none,” says Edwards. This collaboration has been essential in building an effective service center for CoreLogic.

Growing capacity and revenue

To date, CoreLogic has optimized its contact center overheads while improving the quality of its call center. All of this enables CoreLogic employees to increase their working capacities, translating into top-line growth for the company. “We’ve seen a significant growth in revenue within our service channel due to the productivity improvements that the use of the Zendesk tool has created, which then allowed us to have the capacity to take more time to better meet the customers’ needs on these calls. Overall, we’ve been able to expand our team’s capacity and invest in customer experience so that we’re doing more for our customers without increasing our resources,” says Edwards.

In the long term, CoreLogic wants employees to not stop at just understanding customers better and delivering consistent customer experience, but to further personalize their interactions. The company aims to automate more of its low value workflows and integrate Zendesk with other technology to create a unified workspace for its employees. “We won’t just be sending out a message to our customers. We’ll be sending one tailored to them based on their business needs, the products they purchased, the geography they’re in, and the experience they’ve just had with our product,” says Edwards. “We will continue to drive revenue growth and retention through these service conversations. That is the future.”