Aarhus Theme is a combination of simplicity and uniqueness for your Help Center. Keep the essential Zendesk features with the opportunity to brand and customize this theme to suit your corporate style.
*Requiere Guide Professional o superior

Acerca del tema

Minimalistic design and maximal user-friendliness - are two main qualities of the Aarhus Theme. But it has so much more to offer for your Help Center enhancement. This custom theme is fully compatible with Zendesk Guide and is packed with unique branding features.

Check the overview of the Aarhus Theme here.

You can purchase the Aarhus theme for only $150. Here are the benefits you can expect from the theme:

Enjoy an intuitive interface

Your Help Center is meant to help people, so a minimalistic and user-friendly interface is a ‘must’. Aarhus Theme is just about that, topped off with easy-to-adjust features, such as outstanding Headers, Sidebar Navigation, Categories with customizable icons, and Prev/Next buttons.

Exploit extra formatting elements

Reading from long and bland FAQ sections seems a tedious task even if you are desperate to find a solution. Formatting components will save any Help Center layout, making the self-service process an enjoyable experience. Try such visual features offered in Aarhus as tabs, callout blocks, accordions, and Font Awesome Icons. You’ll never want to go back to a bulky text format anymore. Extra formatting options

Access from everywhere

When it comes to devices and browsers, the Aarhus theme has no limitations. Access the Help Center whenever you want, from a desktop or a smartphone, with equally perfect compatibility every time. Moreover, it works equally perfect with any browser. Aarhus on devices

Personalize the theme

With theme branding, your Help Center will match your corporate style as with Aarhus Theme you can alter the logo, colors, fonts, and more with little to no effort. And for the highest possible resemblance, change the layout, add elements, and other tweaks with the theme customization. This process does require some basic knowledge of HTML or CSS, but with our crystal-clear codebase, the process is easier than you can imagine.

Anyways, if coding is not your thing or you’d rather have professionals handling the personalization, you’re lucky. We offer Branding or Customization services to give your Help Center a makeover of your dreams.

Make use of multilingual content

Offer stellar customer service around the world – Aarhus theme supports Dynamic Content feature to let you set the title, buttons, and articles to be shown in multiple languages.

Obtain the Aarhus theme instantly

Aarhus theme import file is available in less than 5 minutes after the purchase. We made sure you can use and enjoy our themes without waiting and completely bug-free. Our team always puts customer satisfaction first, so we offer a three-month warranty coverage and secure payment process.

Get a free installation service

Whether you don’t have time to mess around with the installation process or simply don’t know all the insights on how to do it correctly, we can set up everything for you for absolutely no cost. You can go on with your business and then log in to your Help Center when it’s up and running.

Bring your Help Center to a new level with the Aarhus theme and believe us - your customers will thank you for this choice.

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