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Unite your service apps for a better customer experience

Do you remember when products came with an 800 number to call for customer service — and nothing else? Times have certainly changed. As we communicate in new ways, customers are demanding that those options are available whenever questions arise. Zendesk Support can help.

La noticia entre bastidores

Zendesk Support gives customers 24/7 support on whatever channel they prefer. With Support, agents are empowered to offer responsive, personalized support with tools that aid in collaboration, information gathering, and automation. Hundreds of available apps make configuring workflow for your company, no matter its size or scope, possible.

Mejores prácticas

Free your agents to focus on customer satisfaction by:
  • Providing mobility - give agents native mobile apps that allow them to respond to customer requests when they're away from their desks
  • Ensuring collaboration - live editing and internal notes reveal changes or updates in real-time
  • Uniting channels - allow customers to converse on the channel or device of their choice (email, social media, phone, text, chat, and message)
In short, Zendesk Support makes accessing all relevant data from one place a reality. Really.

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