Employees are also customers: Internal customer service

What is internal customer service?

Internal customer service is the support given by employees in departments in an organization like human resources and facilities to all employees of a company. Though employees are not always thought of as clients, employees need support too, and effective management of those needs improves job satisfaction and productivity within any organization

Zendesk help center software lets companies offer to their internal customers the same robust self-service options it makes available to their external customers, granting them quick and easy access to important information.

A different approach to internal customer support

Many companies know that to be successful, they must be customer centric. Meaning, they must always put the customer first, both in terms of the products and services they offer, and the level of service they provide. This is a very important strategy because companies exist to meet the customer’s needs.

However, there is another group of people associated with the company, and their level of satisfaction is also tied to the success of the organization: the employees (internal customers). After all, they are the people who get things done. Departments with internal customers like HR, Facilities, Operations, Finance, and IT are essential in making sure that all employees have what they need to be set up for success, both personally and for the company.

Best practices for internal customer service

Though there are some subtle differences, providing support to employees in an organization is a lot like providing external support. Here are some internal customer support tips:

  • Clear communication. Beginning with onboarding, ensure all employees understand the roles of departments likes Sales, Marketing, Product, etc., what they are responsible for, and how to communicate with internal customers and make support requests.
  • Provide self-service options. Just like with external customer support, internal support providers don’t need to personally do the job of solving every single issue. Some questions, like the location of office supplies or the office holiday schedule, can be provided to internal customers in an internal knowledge base, saving time for everyone involved.
  • Don’t be an island. It can be easy for internal support providers to get wrapped up in the specifics of their work and lose sight of the rest of the organization. Understanding the goals of the entire company and each specific department can influence how internal support is provided in a way that helps reach those goals.

How Zendesk helps

Zendesk customer service is perfect for providing the best internal support:

  • Internal support providers can create efficient workflows that integrate with already existing systems for things like IT. Plus, employees can easily check on the state of open requests for support without having to directly reach out for support.
  • Zendesk help center software lets companies offer robust self-service options, granting them quick and easy access to important work information.
  • Track sentiment. Zendesk makes it easy to send and track surveys about everything from job satisfaction to which snacks they’d like in the kitchen.

The right time

Companies who want the most from their employees should work on improving internal customer service, including everything from building internal communication infrastructure to quality internal support training and management.