IT support desk

Horror stories of the IT support desk's haunted past

For all those who have ever worked the IT support — you know it's a scary endeavor. There are ghastly tickets out there. Tickets in the night that go 'boo'. Tickets that lurk in every shadow just waiting to strike fear into the bravest of IT hearts. Yep, you know the IT support desk is not for the faint of heart.

We know too. We are Zendesk. We created Zendesk Support to support you.

Le damos una mano

To help ward off evil tickets. No matter the hour. No matter the question. You have all the information in front of you so you can search high and low for a way out of the ticket hell. Support brings your staff together to form one network so you can fight as a team and rest easier at night.

The power of knowledge

Support offers you supernatural new tools, new armor, and secret techniques to replace the stodgy on-premise solutions of generations past and steel yourself against grim forces. Unlock the magic white paper to find potions to put thPse kinds of horror stories to rest:
  • Zombie tickets — Strong desire to eat up brain power. Never gets tired. They hate reading
  • Hydra Tickets — One customer, multiple tickets. Bad breath, really hard to kill. Most vulnerable when they’re young, so find and kill them early
  • Vampire Tickets — Vitamin D deficiency. Night vision. Up all hours of the night. Sneak attacks
  • Poseidon Tickets — A tidal wave (you’ll know it when you see it). Controls 75% of the Earth’s surface
  • Mummy Tickets — Impossibly outdated requests. Can summon ancient spells

Start easing your customer support burden

Within this tome are tales of some of the more devilish tickets our Zendesk support team has encountered. It is our hope that by becoming acquainted with these tickets—and the agents we dispatched to deal with them—you too will be prepared to face any monstrous ticket. Only then shall you earn the vaunted “Yes, I was satisfied” response from the ticket’s author.

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