Free Trial of Chat Software

Free trial of live chat software for better customer support

What is free trial chat software?

By trying website chat software for free you offer your customers and users the chance to talk directly with your support agents. Through live chat software your agents communicate with your website visitors directly and answer their questions instantly.

Zendesk Chat is live chat software that lets you anticipate customer questions, reduce wait times, and increase sales.

The difference

By utilizing an online chat software free trial, you can provide support in real time without incurring phone costs. Your agents send chat messages to visitors through a web browser, mobile app or an ordinary desktop software application.

Advantages of live chat

The instant communication of live chat creates a stronger relationship that leads to better customer service and increased sales. Customers and visitors feel valued when you engage with them live and in real time. Agents can conduct multiple live chat sessions in several chat windows at once, making them even more productive. By trialing free live chat for your website, you can take advantage of instant communication with your customers.

Best time for live chat software

Chat is most important near the top of the sales funnel. Offer chat to visitors or prospective customers when they click on particular links on your website that indicate strong interest. Proactive chat is the fastest way to higher customer satisfaction. Over time, you can learn from the analytics in your chat application and start conversations at the moment of greatest customer interest. Take advantage of the best free live chat software trial and interact with more customers at the top of the funnel.

Why Zendesk Chat?

Zendesk provides integrations, analytics, customization and support that you may not get with free live chat software. While the pricing of free live chat may be tempting, keep in mind that you may pay more in the long run to code, customize and setup your own integrations. Zendesk Chat lets you offer your users and customers simple, customizable, live chat support wherever they are — on laptops, on mobile, or even in your app.

Chat with your customers. Make them happy.

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