Tip of the week: Versioning your SLA policies

Published April 28, 2015
Last modified April 28, 2015

Our SLAs feature lets admins define specific SLA policies using a wide variety of conditions—anything from ticket fields and tags to custom user or organization fields. While this is certainly needed by most support organizations, those who have contractual obligations also need to be able to version their policies.

For example, say you have a current contractual agreement with your customer XYZ Corp. Under the existing agreement, you must reply to all urgent tickets within 30 minutes, high priority tickets within 45 minutes, normal priority tickets in 60 minutes, and low priority tickets within 2 hours. However, you’ve recently renegotiated the contract with XYZ Corp, and with this new contract comes much steeper reply times.

Let’s imagine that the new contract is effective on May 1 of 2015, and you will only be measured against these new SLAs for tickets created on or after May 1. With Zendesk’s brand new “Created” condition, you are now able to define a policy based on the creation date of any ticket—for this example, on or after May 1. In this tip, we’ll show you how to use Zendesk’s new SLA policy conditions to create new versions of your existing policies.

Zendesk customers on the Plus and Enterprise accounts have the option to use the new SLA feature to track and comply with customer Service Level Agreements.

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