Tip of the week: Using SurveyMonkey and Zapier to pull custom survey data into tickets

By Jakub Glodek

Published October 20, 2015
Last modified October 20, 2015

Zendesk's built-in Customer Satisfaction Survey offers an easy to use and deploy transactional survey that many of our customers use every day. There are some instances where getting more data and feedback could be a good idea. This tip of the week addresses those instances. We'll cover how our integrations into SurveyMonkey and Zapier combine to give you a clean connection of data into your Zendesk tickets from custom survey questions.

For this tip of the week you will need:

  • SurveyMonkey account (Platinum Plan or higher)
  • Zapier account (Basic or higher)

Then you will simply configure SurveyMonkey, Zendesk, and Zapier so that all of the survey results reside in the Zendesk ticket.

Head to the forums to see the step-by-step breakdown of this tip of the week

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