Zendesk’s Time Tracking app: exactly what it sounds like

Published August 19, 2014
Last modified August 19, 2014

Knowing where and how to improve the efficiency of your support team can certainly be challenging. You need visibility into your support data in a way that’s meaningful and relevant, and you need to make sure the changes you implement actually have an impact on your business. Zendesk’s new analytics offering, Insights, enables you to do just that. We now have a pre-built Time Tracking app to make managing support operations even easier.

The support team at Zendesk has been piloting the Time Tracking app for quite some time now. We started tracking time spent on tickets not as a way to crack down on our agents, but in an effort to better understand the types of customer issues that took most of the team’s time. This data-driven approach powered by our new app is now available to you, our customers.

The new Time Tracking app is exactly what it sounds like—allowing you to track the amount of time each agent spends on every Zendesk ticket.

Here’s what you can do with  the Time Tracking app:

  • Work with your agents to gather data. With minimal effort required by your agents, you can start collecting accurate and actionable data on how much time the team spends handling tasks and managing customer conversations.
  • Turn your raw data into something useful. Tracking time is only the first step. Next, you can turn this raw data into meaningful reports using Insights. Easily build relevant metrics and create simple reports to answer the questions you’ve been wondering about: Who are my top performers? Which customers require the most help? Can I lower my costs while maintaining high quality support?
  • More insights make for better business decisions.What you do with the knowledge gained from these reports is most important. One of the most useful reports we use at Zendesk measures Issue type vs. Time spent. This report enables our support managers to spot trends in questions from  customers and identify the types of issues that take the most time. With this insight, we created triggers to deflect easy but time-consuming questions, added macros for more complex issues that required a customer follow-up, and trained agents on product areas about which customers had the most questions.

The Time Tracking app is available today in our Zendesk Apps Marketplace for customers on our Plus, Enterprise, and Enterprise Elite plans. Reporting on time spent requires Insights, which we are currently rolling out to 40,000+ customers over the next few months. If you would like early access to Insights, you can request it by following the steps and completing the form at the end. 

For more details about the Time Tracking app, take a look at the announcement post from the product manager behind the app.