Explore the shiny new Zendesk Apps Marketplace

Published September 28, 2015
Last modified September 28, 2015

In mid-September we unveiled a better-than-ever apps marketplace. With 320 apps and integrations to date, it was time for a fresh look and feel, easier discoverability, and a more streamlined workflow for installing apps directly from each app page. There’s more to come, but take a spin through and let us know what you think.

This month’s additions to the marketplace include integrations that empower your customer success teams, allow you to try out SMS or video and voice chat support, better bridge the gap between systems you already have in place—including two ways to connect with WooCommerce—and to introduce tag-based visual cues within Zendesk.

Gainsight helps transform the way your company orients around the customer. Gainsight provides a 360-degree view of customers and drives retention across customer success, sales, marketing, executive, and product management teams. Empower your customer success teams with access to Zendesk data in Gainsight and give your support teams access to key customer data like product usage and health score, directly in Zendesk.

Argo offers the most painless way to explore your company’s customer data. Ask questions about the types of data you want to see through Argo’s intuitive search-based interface, and Argo will generate a report to share or schedule to send out. Connect to Zendesk and other products such as Base CRM, Hubspot, Intercom, Recurly, and more.

What seems like a simple embeddable widget is actually a powerful tool to help your customers find the information they need. Depending on what page of your site the customer is on, elevio provides contextual support. Integrated with Zendesk, you can submit tickets from the elevio widget, view customer replies, and surface content from your Help Center.

Appbot is a great app that helps expand the channels your Zendesk account supports by collecting your mobile app reviews and escalating them into Zendesk as tickets for follow up. Monitor iOS, Mac, Google Play, Windows phone, and Amazon reviews in a single feed and build rules to specify the types of reviews you want to turn into tickets.

This WooCommerce integration is brought to you by the awesome folks over at SlopeTracker. WooCommerce is one of the most popular eCommerce toolkits for WordPress and with this integration you can easily view customer information inside of both WooCommerce and Zendesk. The integration consists of two parts: the Zendesk app that displays customer order information on Zendesk tickets, and a plugin for WordPress/WooCommerce that displays Zendesk ticket information inside WooCommerce.

WooCommerce by Cloud Elements
Hot on the heels of the WooCommerce integration from SlopeTracker, Cloud Elements has also released a version of their WooCommerce app. While the app only lives on the Zendesk side, it gives agents instant access to your customers' current account status from WooCommerce. When a customer is present in WooCommerce, you can see information like billing/shipping address, phone numbers, custom contact information, most current order, order date, and total order balance. Plus, customizing which pieces of information should be displayed is all up to you.

Freshbooks by Cloud Elements
The Freshbooks by Cloud Elements app connects to your Freshbooks account and gives you access to view invoice information related to a ticket requester in Zendesk. View contact information, transactions, and payment information from Freshbooks alongside your tickets for a more complete picture of your customers and to prevent having to search in 2 different systems.

Akita turns your account and customer success managers into superstars, giving them the tools they need to retain, nurture, and grow your customer base. By aggregating information across various systems in a single place, with just a few clicks, your team can have a 360-degree view of the customer without having to open an app.

Teckst is a purpose-built dashboard that helps you communicate with customers via SMS. Set up a number and start supporting your customers via 2-way SMS by just replying to tickets in Zendesk. Inbound SMS messages generate tickets, and replies from Zendesk are sent back via SMS, and the entire history is tracked.

Workato gives you integration superpowers by connecting Zendesk with Salesforce, QuickBooks, Shopify, JIRA and 80+ other business apps in minutes. With its bi-directional sync of information, Workato can help your systems stay up to date. By keeping your customer data in sync with organizations, users, and tickets in Zendesk, you can focus on what you do best.

AssistHub is a real-time chat platform that also supports both live voice and video chat. Access AssistHub's chat platform directly from Zendesk and log your chat sessions in the form of Zendesk tickets.

Tag Warnings
Tag Warnings is a lightweight app to monitor tickets. It displays a big, easy-to-read warning in the sidebar if a particular tag is present. Pick the tag you want to look out for, add a message you want to display if that tag is present, and the message will be presented in large red text in the sidebar if a ticket has that tag.

Head over to the redesigned apps marketplace for a look around, and for more where this came from