Make the most of what’s new at Zendesk

Published November 23, 2016
Last modified November 23, 2016

Zendesk looks a little different these days, and we hope you’re as excited about our makeover as we are. Not only have we welcomed Explore and Connect to our family of products, we’ve made improvements to Support, Help Center, Chat, and Talk. You can read more about what’s new at Zendesk here.

Change is exciting, and we want to make sure you’re making the most of everything we have to offer. That’s why we’ve brought in a few product experts for this on-demand webinar to walk-through all our updates since last quarter and preview our new products.

With Zendesk Explore, you get access to customer analytics and, as a result, a deeper understanding of your customers and business. Customers reach out for all sorts of reasons—researching your website, testing your product, or when they’re having trouble. Zendesk Explore helps you bring together data from every step of their journey, as well as across every Zendesk product, so you can understand and improve a customer’s experience.

With Zendesk Connect, you can get to know your customers and add personal touches based on their behaviors. Connect draws together an event-based timeline to give you a better understanding of your customer’s history: where they’ve been on your site, when they needed help, and why. That way you can reach out in ways that mean something to them.

What’s covered in the webinar:

  • How the Zendesk family of products all work together
  • What’s new in Support, Help Center, Chat, and Talk
  • How you can use Explore to analyze data from Zendesk products (and more)
  • How to use Connect to proactively engage customers and send targeted campaigns

You can watch the webinar here

Broadcast in English with transcriptions available in Spanish and Portuguese, or French, German, Italian, Spanish (ES), and Dutch.