Why everyone loves live chat

Published April 9, 2015
Last modified April 9, 2015

Anytime I travel overseas, I have a very long, involved live chat discussion with customer service at my wireless provider. My goal: Figure out the best way to modify or upgrade my plan temporarily to ensure I don’t get hit with a bill that exceeds my airfare. I usually have lots of complicated questions and details to clarify, and I always like to check my understanding by summarizing the changes I need to make and then asking the agent to confirm that I got it right.

Doing this over the phone never seems like a good option: I want it all in writing so there’s no miscommunication. And going back and forth over email would take days. Chat is the perfect channel for this type of interaction—and I’m finding myself seeking it out for virtually every customer service situation now.

Turns out, I’m not alone in my love of live chat. When compared to channels like email and phone, live chat boasts the highest customer satisfaction rates (73%).

It’s not just consumers who are enamored with chat. Businesses are using live chat to move customers through the buying process, boost revenue, and help identify ways to streamline the process for agents and customers.

We explore both sides of the live chat love affair in our latest ebook: How Live Chat Helps Businesses and Consumers. In the ebook, you’ll find out why consumers prefer live chat, and explain the bottom-line benefits for businesses. It’s a great resource for anyone considering adding live chat to their customer service mix.

Reading this book is easier and faster than deciphering international mobile calling and texting plans—I guarantee it.

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