The key to providing great multichannel support

By Josh Frank

Published October 14, 2016
Last modified October 14, 2016

Customer service in the digital age is anything but static. Your customers have high expectations. They know what great customer service looks like—and they also know how it feels to be let down. They want to receive help quickly and—this is crucial—they expect a consistent experience across each communication channel, from email and phone to chat and social.

As customers expect more and more from companies, the gap between those who listens to customers and provides great experiences, and those who don’t, will continue to widen. This is daunting for companies who don’t offer an integrated customer service experience tailored to customer needs.

Watch Zendesk’s recent webinar, Making Multichannel Support Simple and Successful, now available on-demand, and learn how to boost agent productivity and reduce costs by integrating email, phone, chat, messaging, and other channels across one platform. The webinar also covers:

  • Emerging trends in customer service
  • Tips for a successful multichannel integration
  • How Dorm Room Movers achieved results by integrating multiple channels
  • How to put Zendesk products to work for you

At Zendesk, we know that in order for multichannel support to be effective, agents need tools and training that will help them manage volume and SLAs across channels. Companies need a strategy for rolling out and managing multiple support channels. If you open the door to multichannel communication, you need to be there to greet your customers and maintain a consistent experience across channels.

A recent report by Accenture notes that 60 percent of customers change their contact channel based on where they are and what they’re doing. These are your customers, moving through their day, seeking support and information across different channels depending on what else they’re doing.* With a unified tool for tracking their journey, you won’t miss out on important opportunities or fail to meet their needs.

Matt Grossman, founder of Dorm Room Movers, shares the results his company has seen since integrating channels using Zendesk. Customer satisfaction is at 91%, up 6% since January 2016; his agents have increased productivity by 15% and the company has reduced its costs per agent license by 30%.

To keep pace with today’s customer expectations, companies must rise to the challenge and engage with customers through the contact channels they choose to find help.

If you want to learn more, get started by watching our Making Multichannel Support Simple and Successful webinar

*Accenture report: Customer 2020: Are You Future Ready or Reliving the Past?