Community tips for happier customers

By Jennifer Rowe

Published February 10, 2017
Last modified February 10, 2017

Zendesk can't magically provide you with happier customers. But we can give you the tools you need to improve the customer experience by doing everything from listening to what customers have to say to taking steps to ensure you're agents have more time to respond to the most important requests for help. All of which can lead to happier customers.

The Zendesk Community is filled with experts who are constantly using Zendesk features to build more efficient workflows and provide better customer experiences, and share what they've learned with other support leaders. Below are a few of our favorites:

Work smarter, not harder
It can't be said too many times: customers hate waiting. One way to ensure your able to more quickly respond to and resolve their issues is to reduce the number of tickets. Florian Vannier, support manager at Selsia Groupe Argus does this by raising customer awareness of self-service options, giving them the option to solve their own issues. This leads to fewer tickets, so customers spend less time waiting for an available agent.

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Want to know what annoys your customers?
Customers often have strong opinions, and customer service is often the first to hear them. While these opinions can be a powerful resource for planning and prioritizing a product roadmap, it can be difficult to turn this information into quantifiable data that your product team can use to make data-based decisions. Matt Flowitt, customer support team lead at Prodigy Math Game has developed a simple way to communicate the most sought after feature requests to the product team.

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Communicate with waiting customers before they lose their cool
Remember earlier when I said customers hate waiting? Sometimes, such as the holiday season, they're going to have to. The least you can do is let them know that you appreciate their patience and that, despite the fact that you're making them wait, they really are important. Jacob Johst Christensen, customer service project consultant at TOP-TOY A/S uses an automation to automatically send a communication to customers who have been waiting a predetermined time to apologize for the wait and ensure they're needs will be met soon.

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