What beat poets and Zendesk have in common

Published August 6, 2014
Last modified August 6, 2014

The publication of Practical Zendesk Administration (Second Edition) is not just the release of some textbook. It is not a mere "instruction manual" to be cast aside and never fully enjoyed.

Nay, this treasure trove of knowledge contains lines that, if we’re honest, inspire us to greater heights. We find the words elegant, the sentences fluid, the lessons contained within...well, might we say it’s the stuff of poetry? To our ears, it rivals Shakespeare.

To show you just what we mean, we captured several Zendeskians performing their favorite selected passages from Practical Zendesk Administration.

Prepare to snap after you watch this spirited dramatic reading!

Or, dig this wry interpretation!

Inspiring, is it not? Feeling yourself a bit of the bard now, are you? Then please, by all means, join us by recording your own 15-second dramatic reading from this masterwork. You may find it hard to stop, as words such as ticket, trigger, and automation veritably roll off the tongue.

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