7 new additions to the Zendesk Apps Marketplace

Published April 22, 2016
Last modified April 22, 2016

This April we added seven new integrations to the Zendesk Apps Marketplace. They cover everything from better data consolidation to automatic ticket reminders to new telephony and chat integrations. As always, you can accomplish more whenever you can bring information from Zendesk and other heavily-used systems into a single view.

Segment is a platform that collects customer data wherever it's generated—your website, mobile app, servers, and more—and sends it to third-party tools, internal systems, or databases. By consolidating data-tracking to a single API, Segment will save engineers time as they integrate new tools, eliminate data discrepancies, and democratize data access across organizations. Make the most of your Zendesk data by adding Zendesk as a data source in Segment. You can automatically populate new users into your setup and import your Zendesk data into a SQL database for advanced analysis. And you’ll be able to answer questions like: What are trending ticket tags? What are the most common tickets in a free trial? How are those tags trending over time? What’s more, Segment also integrates with BIME Analytics.

Chargify is an online service and platform that automates billing for recurring revenue businesses. The Chargify app for Zendesk searches Chargify for the requester of a ticket. Once found, it will display their subscription information and allow your agents to manage the subscription directly inside of Zendesk. When customers create a ticket asking you to manage their subscriptions, your team will no longer have to switch between the two systems.

Myndbend Ticket Reminder
Myndbend Ticket Reminder gives Zendesk agents the ability to set a due date and time on tickets of any type and to set reminders. Similar to how calendar events work, as the ticket due date/time approaches, down to the minute mark you've set, the app will place an internal comment on the ticket and/or display a notification message at the top of the Zendesk screen. There will also be a ticket view for agents to monitor sorted by the due date/time.

CDC Software
The CDC Platform with Zendesk provides integration between various telephony systems and your Zendesk environment. The platform supports searching, displaying, and creating Zendesk items based on the call data associated with a voice call. Leverage the information collected within your IVR, Voice Portal, ACD, databases, and web services to screen pop the agent's Zendesk session with new or existing Zendesk users, tickets, and more. Supported platforms include: Vonage Business, Allworks, Avaya, Cisco, Asterisk, BroadSoft, Switchvox, Siemens, inContact, and Mitel.

Attachment List
Attachment List is brought to us by SlopeTracker and provides a quick overview of all attachments in a Zendesk ticket in one condensed, easy-to-read list. You can see file type, file size, when the attachment was added, and the name and email address of the person who uploaded the attachment. Icons help to quickly visualize attachment types.

The AnswerConnect Live Chat add-on lets you to take chats from your website into Zendesk, and to refer to existing tickets or chats and pass on the details to visitors in a seamless, user-friendly manner. Your agents don’t have to switch tabs, allowing them to focus on the conversation. Whole chat conversations can be created as a new ticket in Zendesk with a single click, or they can be automatically generated once a chat session ends.

Monema Phone System
Monema offers hosted phone systems (PBX) for SME. The Monema Phone System integration with Zendesk allows you to do things like screen pop Monema call controls inside Zendesk tickets when an inbound call comes in, view latest tickets, contact, and organization information about the caller, call your customers from within Zendesk with the click of a button, all from within Zendesk to reduce the number of apps you need to have open.

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